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At Hearing Aids Rochester NY, we know how much you are missing out on because of your hearing loss.

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Hearing Aids Rochester NY

Do you struggle hearing during conversations with loved ones? Do you often ask people to repeat themselves? If so, you may have signs of hearing loss.

At Hearing Aids Rochester NY, our experienced team is ready to help you find the hearing solutions to help you hear better. We offer an array of services including hearing tests, programming, all brands of hearing aids, custom earmolds, hearing protection, hearing aid repair and maintenance, batteries and accessories.

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About Hearing Aids Rochester NY

Our Rochester hearing center has been helping the community of Rochester with their hearing care for many years. We value our patients and enjoy helping them when they see us for follow up care. Seeing our patients on a regular basis to provide maintenance of their hearing aids helps us to keep in touch and help with any concerns that they may have. Maintaining an ongoing relationship with our patients is important to us.

We are committed to helping you achieve the best quality of life by providing expert service and care. Our goal is to improve your quality of life through better hearing.

At Hearing Aids Rochester NY, we have state of the art equipment for testing and fitting and we service all brands of hearing aids. Since all of our patients have different needs and lifestyles, our staff will do everything we can to provide you with personalized, professional service.

If you are thinking about improving your hearing, don’t wait any longer! We can’t wait to help you with your hearing care needs. Call us today to schedule your free hearing test Rochester NY.

Why Choose Us?

Hearing Aids Rochester NY is the best place in our area for hearing healthcare needs. We have a highly trained and professional staff waiting to help you hear better for a better life!

We know how hard it can be to live with hearing loss. You miss out on a lot and may start to feel lonely and depressed. Untreated hearing loss can have an effect on your social and psychological function. If your hearing is left untreated, it can lead to confusion, anxiety, embarrassment, isolation, stress, and a risk to personal safety due to reduced alertness.

Untreated hearing loss can leave you without the ability to enjoy important moments in life. Hearing the birds chirp or visiting with your loved ones are all compromised when you have hearing loss.

Our team is waiting to help you. We believe that we are the best and here are the many reasons:

  • We love what we do, which is to help YOU hear better
  • We believe in being ethical and honest
  • We feel it’s important to educate you
  • We work with all major hearing aid brands
  • We offer exact hearing aid fitting and programming
  • We have excellent follow up care
  • We make sure you’re satisfied with a money back guarantee

Give Hearing Aids Rochester NY a call today and schedule your hearing test with our audiologist Rochester.

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Get Your Free Hearing Consultation!

What To Expect

Because we use state of the art equipment and work with all the major hearing aid brands, our licensed professionals can help you find the best hearing aids for your individual hearing loss.

When you come into our office for your first appointment, we will ask you to fill out a case history form. This helps our hearing care specialist Rochester NY understand your hearing health.

Next we will look in your ears with an otoscope to make sure the ear is clear and healthy.

After this, is a Tympanometry test. This helps our audiologist to verify if there is a hole in the eardrum or fluid behind the eardrum.

Next is the pure tone air test and bone conduction test. These tests allow us to know what kind of sounds and speech you can hear at different frequencies and levels.

A speech test is given to allow our hearing specialist to understand the softest level that you can accurately repeat back speech.

All of the tests help our audiologist Rochester NY read your audiogram and recommend the solutions for your degree of hearing loss.

We will help you understand which hearing aids are best for you. Call us today and schedule your test so that we can help you hear better!

Hearing Aid Styles

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Our Hearing Aid Services

At Hearing Aids Rochester NY, we offer many services to make sure your hearing health is always at its best. Our caring team will listen to your concerns, and we encourage questions. Book an appointment with our audiologist Rochester NY if you suspect that you have hearing loss. Call for your free hearing test today!

Top Hearing Aids

We work with all the major hearing aid brands. Our team is trained regularly from the manufacturers so that we are up to date on the latest technologies and features that hearing aids have to offer. Your test results will help us guide you to what hearing aids are best for you. Whether you live an active, busy lifestyle or a more quiet lifestyle, will help us determine the features that may be best for you.

Hearing Aid Repair

Wax and moisture are the two of the most common problems that cause a hearing aid to stop working. If you are in need of a repair, we will determine if it can be done in our office or if it needs to be sent to the manufacturer. Most minor repairs can be done in our office while you wait.

Hearing Loss

If you find that you are having a hard time hearing in the presence of background noise, having difficulty hearing on the telephone, feeling like people muffle their words, or withdrawing from social situations, you may have signs of hearing loss. We recommend scheduling a free hearing test with one of our hearing care specialists Rochester NY. Call us!

Hearing Test and Consultation

Hearing tests provide a measurement of your ability to hear different sounds and frequencies. They help identify your type of hearing loss.

This helps us determine the best course of action that we need to take to help you with your hearing care.

We guide you so that you can make the best decisions regarding what kind of hearing aids you want and what features will be best for you.

Cleaning and Earwax Removal

Earwax is normal and is good for keeping debris out of our ears. But hearing aid users may be more apt to earwax buildup than others. Each time a hearing aid is placed into the ear, it pushes onto wax. This gets wax on the hearing aid which can build up over time and cause the hearing aid to not work properly. We can professionally clean your hearing aids with our special equipment and teach you how to care for your hearing aids to keep them working their best. We also clean excess earwax out of ears. Our hearing aid doctor is qualified to clean your ears if needed, using curettes or flushing with water.

Hearing Aid Programming

The best and most expensive hearing aids won’t work how they should if they are not fitted well and programmed to your unique hearing loss.

Our staff of highly qualified specialists and audiologists are skilled at programming hearing aids.

Don’t forget to call and schedule an appointment with our hearing aid programmer today!

Customer Testimonials

Hearing aids cost a lot and I didn’t think I’d be able to purchase any. I asked my hearing specialist near me, “how much are hearing aids?” and he took the time to talk with me about my concerns and budget. He helped me find hearing devices I could afford that work very well for me. Hearing Aids Rochester NY is the best.

Diana W

I was glad that I was able to find some Rochester hearing aids near me at Hearing Aids Rochester Ny. I love how they programmed my hearing aids. They sound great. They gave me the best service.

Jason R

There are a lot of hearing aid stores near me so I had to ask my neighbors who they recommended for hearing tests near me. They told me about Hearing Aids Rochester NY having such nice staff that is easy to work with. It’s true, I got the best service and best Rochester hearing aids.

Hank W

About Rochester New York

Rochester is a city on Lake Ontario in New York State. There are over 205,000 people that live here, with a greater metropolitan area of over 1 million people. Write a brief summary about the city. The Rochester Metro is ranked highly in terms of livability and quality of life and considered to be one of the best places in America for families due to low cost of living and highly ranked public schools.

Rochester’s economy is defined by technology and education. It is known as the world capital of imaging because of the prevalence of imaging and optical science among the industry and universities.

Rochester is known for its music culture and for the Rochester International Jazz Festival, which is ranked as one of the top ten music scenes in the U.S. It is also home to several world famous museums.

Cities that surround Rochester include:

  • Webster, NY
  • Henrietta, NY
  • Fairport, NY
  • Penfield, NY
  • Pittsford, NY
  • Ontario, NY
  • And many other areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the causes of hearing loss?

The many causes of hearing loss include aging, exposure to loud noise, ototoxic medications, head trauma, wax impaction, heredity, and certain diseases such as meningitis. A case history and hearing examination can help us determine the cause of your hearing loss. Call us today!

What are the different types of hearing loss?

The three types of hearing loss are Conductive, Sensorineural, and Mixed. Conductive loss, which occurs when the middle ear is affected by earwax blockage, fluid in the middle ear, hole in the eardrum, or disease of the middle ear bones. Sensorineural loss occurs when there is damage to the cochlea. A very common cause of sensorineural hearing loss is aging. Mixed loss occurs when there is a mix of conductive and sensorineural loss.

How much is a hearing aid?

A hearing aid can cost between $1000 to $4000. All major hearing aid brands have top of the line hearing aids and low cost hearing aids. Higher end hearing aids have all the bells and whistles and state of the art technologies. Depending on your budget, our hearing aid audiologist can help you find the right hearing aid for you.

How do I find good audiologists near me?

It is a good idea to ask your friends and neighbors for their recommendations. If they are highly satisfied with who they go to for their hearing care needs, they will gladly let you know. You can also look up hearing aid reviews and you will often find highly satisfied patients referring you to hearing aid centers. We feel that we have the top audiologists in our area and we hope you give us a call today for your free hearing test.

What are the different types of hearing aids?

Hearing aids Rochester come in different styles. You can find behind the ear (BTE’s), in the ear (ITE’s), in the canals (ITC’s) receiver in the canal (RIC’s). Our hearing aid dispenser will ask you what you prefer and guide you to the best style for your type of loss and your dexterity.

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Our highly trained and caring hearing care providers have the skills to develop a plan that incorporates the best hearing treatment options for you. We work with the best manufacturers to offer the most technologically advanced hearing aids available. We are motivated by helping you reconnect with your loved ones and friends through better hearing.

We love what we do and we want to be the place that you trust for your hearing care needs! We want to help you get better hearing so that you can have a better life! We pledge to give the best service in town! Call Hearing Aids Rochester NY and schedule your free hearing test Rochester.

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